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Clark Homestead is the commercial outlet for the current inhabitants of the Clark Homestead on Sugarloaf Mountain in western Arkansas.  Originally homesteaded by the  John B. Clark family in 1870 following the Civil War, the homestead today is the headquarters for several business ventures of the  seventh generation of the Clark family to live on the mountain.  

Steve Clark Music Services

The Clark Family is involved in diverse activities such as southern pine timber, Sugarloaf Mountain  building stone, speciality wood products, historical restoration and  furniture manufacturing,  and musical performance, publishing and consulting.    A family of registered border collies  have also made the Clark Homestead their home for many generations. In 2010 Registered Longhorns from Nebraska arrived on the mountain after much preparation and work continues in developing the best replacement heifers possible.   

Web pages  dealing with Sugarloaf Mountain Wood Products and the touring schedule of Steve Clark, rock and country/gospel sax player are under construction.

Please contact Steve Clark: or Clark Homestead, 9925 Old John Clark Road, Hackett, Ar. 72937.  Ph. 479-639-2887

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             Mr. Cabbagehead and the Screaming Radishes

Eastern Oklahoma/Western Arkansas Border Collie Puppies For Sale, Puppies Available, Feb. 12, 2011.   Born Dec. 24, 2010 on Clark Homestead.    Five  males, Three Females.   Black and White   Full brothers and sisters from previous litters are presently working, doing great jobs working Cattle, Horses, even Buffalo.    Contact: or call Steve at 479-639-2887(evenings) or 479-883-8257(days) for more information   Photos  shown.(Top left),   "Otis", father.   (Bottom left), "Whitey"  full brother from previous litter.  Click on photo to enlarge  photo. Other photos  are of puppies at play in between snow storms.  THANKS EVERYONE.  ALL PUPPIES SOLD.
"Cammie". Our big girl, is the daugher of "Turning Point", son of the legendary "Senator" and "Coeta" and the daughter of "Miss Apache" daughter of "Jets Wind Shear"and Miss Margie". She is a good natured lead cow. Cammie weighs a respectable 1,100 lbs and has that look her blended family is famous for. She has Jet Jockey, Bail Jumper, Overwhelmer, D Bar S Dominique, Side Kick and Doherty 698 in her background among other famous landmark Longhorns. She will be AI'd to Win Win this fall.
JPJ MIss Icamna 91("Cammie")  Texas Longhorn Breeders Association  of America  No. C271301
One little girl and two boys
Being herded by older brother
Learning "the look" from older brother
 Member:   Maine Maple Producers Association

 Member:  National Sweet Sorghum Producers & Processors Association

  In the 1830s  Asa and Sara Clark  who had moved from Bangor, Maine built and ran the St. Charles Hotel  in Ft. Smith which was known from Little Rock to Indian Territory as the best meal on the frontier. Their hotel is featured in both True Grit movies.  When their steam boat ran aground on the way to Ft. Smith Sarah set up a bakery on the side of the Arkansas River and fed the stranded travelers for several weeks. At first they purchased their maple syrup from Maine  relatives in Cincinnati but were eventually forced to shift to the equally tasty  Sweet Sorghum raised by local farmers due to the cost of shipping from Maine to Ohio to Arkansas.
 When members of the 5th generation of Clarks returned to Sugarloaf Mountain 35 years ago they discovered over 250 rare Black Maple Trees growing in a micro climate area stretching nearly a half mile on the west side of the Clark Homestead.  Except for an occassional sugar maple in someones yard, the sugar maple is rare in Arkansas in any numbers  except for a band of trees along the northern and northwestern borders of Arkansas.  Obviously because of the climate and the  very short tapping season there is very little Maple Syurp produced in Arkansas.  Clark Homestead has developed a robust maple syrup that is comparable to New England syrup and sells out every year.  With every possible Black Maple now identified and new production equipment being installed in 2024 it is hoped that more Arkansas Maple Syrup can be produced 
Also under development  is acreage to grow Sweet Sorghum in a former cotton field  that has not had any cultivation since 1907.   Mennonite  Sweet Sorghum from Missouri was grown in a test plot in 2020 and does very well on the mountain. We should have our first good sized crop of Clark Homestead Sweet Sorghum   in 2025.