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The legendary Rufus Thomas with the Young Raiders 1967
Rufus Thomas with The Young Raiders in Lawrence, Kansas
Second bus, Pea Green, l967, wrecked fall 1967 near Tarkio, Mo.
The Wichita, Red Dog Inn, 1967 or 1968
At the Mocamba Club, Sioux Falls, S. D.
Larry Lingle, Dave Newman, Ken Weidenbach, John Neal, John Murray, Rick Meyers, Steve Clark, John Bush on stage at the Red Dog in Lawrence, l968
Fall, l968
1969 band
Grog on flute, l969
Rat, covering Young Raider signs with Rising Suns signs, l969
Album cover never released, fall 1970
1971 Band
1971 Band
Fall, l970
A month after leaving Mid-Continent, Aug. l971 Now called Waite in Chicago
"Frisbie" 3rd bus. Sold to a hay farmer in Mar. 1970 after numerous wrecks
1972 Band, Cleve Warren, Ken Mckenna, Steve Clark, Ken Long, Steve Solmonso, Tom Taylor
Rock and Roll. Near the end, The bands last days. Oct. l977, Lake Charles, La. Dave Sisson, Dale Stinson, Steve Clark, Marlin Butcher, Steve Schmitz, Don Birnie
John Neal in 2005
Steve "Hoop" Clark on sax 2005
Hoop in Omaha, Neb. 1970
Johnny Neal, Steve Clark and John Brown at induction of The Rising Suns, Lawrence, Ks. Jan. 2007 Kansas Music Hall of Fame
Playing some country swing, Ft. Smith, Ar. Oct. 2007
The Rising Suns were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame on Sat. Jan. 13th, 2007 at Liberty Hall(the old Red Dog Inn) in Lawrence, Kansas. 
The Young Raiders were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame on March 7, 2009 at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Kansas. 
Mr. Cabbagehead and the Screaming Radishes were inducted into the Old Town Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in 2010 and continue to play in a four state area.