The Young Raiders/Southern Flavor

Membership List(1967-1977)

1. Greg Thompson, bass  2.  Ron Mikkelsen, sax/vocals  3.  John Neal, organ/vocals  4.  Dave Newman, drums  5.  Kurt Chrysler, guitar(all the preceeding members had been in the original Rising Suns)  6.  John Bush, trombone  7.  Greg Mescheke, trumpet  8.  Gary Bisel, guitar  9.  John Murray, trumpet/organ/vocals  10.  Steve Clark, trombone, trumpet/sax  11.  Ken Weidenback, bass/vocals  12.  Gary Petrallo, guitar  13.  Warren Wardwell, sax  14.LonnieJohnson, guitar  15.  Floyd Elderman, sax  16.  Rick Meyer, sax 17. Larry Lingle, guitar/vocals/organ  18.  Mike Lingle, drums(the band went back to using the Rising Sun name for several monthes)19. Mitch Bible, guitar/vocals  20.  Ray_______, trumpet  21.  Frank Barrier, guitar/vocals  22.  Al Trollman, trumpet  23.  DonMurray, percussion  24.  Bill Leacox, organ  25.  Greg Ayers, trombone 26.  Dave Newman, drums (the band used both the Rising Sun and Young Raider names) 27.  Tom Stephenson, organ28.  Bill Leacox, drums  29.  Larry Church, trumpet   30.  Stan Koran,trumpet   31.  Rocke Grace, organ/vocals  32.  Doug Owen vocals  33.  Al Trollman, trumpet  34.  Jeff Severson, guitar  35. Steve Solmonson, guitar/vocals  36.  Tom Taylor, vocals  37.  Cleve Warren, drums  38.  Robbie Barker, organ/vocals  39.  Chris Shafer, trumpet  40.  Bruce Dunlap, bass/vocals  41.  Stan Koran,trumpet (the'70 and '71 band both attempted to change the name to Quantrell and Quantrell Raiders) 42.  Al Trollman, trumpet  43.  Kenny McKenna, organ/vocals  44.  Billy Snyder, drums(LAST MUSICIAN HIRED UNDER THE YOUNG RAIDER NAME)  For the next six months the band used first the name Waite while being booked out of Chicago and then Peapody while being booked out of Scottsdale, Ariz.       45.  Eddie Featherall, guitar  46. Jerry Knaack, vocals  47.  Craig "Tex" Williams, guitar   48.  Steve Solmonson,guitar  49.  Rich Tade, organ  50.  Bob Chevez, trumpet  51.  Tom Fell, drums  52.  Jerry Secor, bass  53.  Ken Long, trumpet  54.  Tom Taylor, vocals  55.  Ken McKenna, organ/vocals  56.  Cleve Warren, drums  57.  Terry French, guitar(LAST MUSICIAN HIRED BEFORE SOUTHERN FLAVOR NAME CHANGE)58.  Butch Neese, vocals  59.  Marlin Butcher, bass/vocals  60.  Jay Bowen, trumpet  61.  Larry Kirn, organ  62.  Greg Tripple, vocals  63.  Rich Dalton, trumpet  64.  Steve Schmitz, drums  65.  Jan Manly, vocals  66.  Jim Henken, guitar  67.  Judy Denton, vocals  68.  Dale Stinson, trumpet  69.  Bruce Dunlap, guitar/vocals  70.  Don Birnie,  guitar/vocals  71.  Tom Tucker, vocals  72.  Christie Tucker, vocals  73.  Dave Sisson, organ/vocals  74.  Joey Mann, organ/vocals  75.  Fletcher Buckley, sax